Create & Buy: Online User Interface for Real-Time Media Fulfillment

CD Global Media Fulfillment
  • Our online-based CD/DVD production service allows your products to be sold and created on-demand, saving you thousands in inventory and investment.
  • Use it for your CD/DVD fulfillment needs to become our retail partner and offer this service to your customers.
  • Real-time fulfillment and status reporting, most orders are processed and fulfilled the same business day it is received.

CustomCD's API Service

CD API Automated Service
  • Use our API to send files and order data to facilitate the order process.
  • Once the order information is received, CustomCD will handle the production and fulfillment.
  • Inclusive information for each individual order is available – status, history, shipping and re-shipping data.
  • The API allows our clients to customize each product to targeted clients (additional fields, information and personalization on the disc, menu and printed materials).
  • Orders are delivered to your customers with your branding.
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Solution for Shopkeepers

CD Shopkeeper Solutions
  • Integrate our media tool to create or improve your own marketplace and ecommerce.
    Contact Us for details.
  • Leverage our complete ecommerce solution - CustomCD has partnered with CCNow to offer you a DiscOnDemand service:
  • Sign up for CCNow account to get access to this complete eCommerce solution
  • Use CustomCD online media tool to design, manage and create products
  • Synchronize products to CCNow and generate Buy Now links to use in your store
  • Only pay for products when an order is placed
  • Complete control – track all sales and handle pricing
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Other Submission Options: Sending Orders via E-mail, FTP or CSV file

Depending upon the specifics of our partnership, there are many other options of how orders can be submitted for fulfillment. Contact Us today so we can discuss which option works best for you!